Fresh Cheese

Dear Friends,

We are in the initial process of making Fresh Flavoured Soft Cheese and Feta style Cheese at Sttudio 292. The Cheese is freshly made in small batches from Cow’s milk sourced from a friend’s farm where the cows are grazed on naturally grown grass and hay. In all respects the milk is organic without the use of hormones and the cheese is made without using preservatives. Made in small batches it keeps for a week in the refrigerator. These will make a good addition to your cheese platters, appetisers, salads, bakes and desserts.

Flavours for the soft cheese available are ~

Natural Flavour ~ Good on its own, excellent for using in desserts and bakes.
Mixed Herbs ~ A mild tasting cheese flavoured with dried mixed herbs.
Cracked Black Pepper ~ A hint of heat from the cracked peppers.
Roast Garlic & Red Chilli Flakes ~ Aromatic garlic paired with fiery chilli flakes.

Plain Feta style Cheese  ~ Young, soft, with a tang of salt.

The flavours can customised to your taste.
Rs.150/ for a tub of 150 gms.
If you would like to order, please contact 9810904261. Prior order is necessary.

Warm regards,
Shivani Khanna

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