January, 2014

Dear Friends,


New Year Greetings from Sttudio 292 !!!

It’s the beginning of a new year and a new season at Sttudio 292. We are forming a new and more intensive calendar of Workshops. We also want to share our being in the news with you. It has given us a further impetus to do better. Hope you will be with us during our journey through 2014.We look forward to having you with us at Sttudio 292 often.

Warm regards,

Shivani Khanna

Article in the Telegraph – Kolkatta, Graphiti, January 5th, 2014.


An excerpt from the Article.

‘Served up haute’

Food entrepreneurs are giving cooking classes a smart spin with state-of-the-art cooking studios, says Sushmita Biswas

‘It’s a similar story in Delhi, where 49-year-old Shivani Khanna has opened a Culinary cum Wellness Studio called Sttudio 292. She says: “At a time when most people are moving away from the kitchen and trying out all the junk food options, my focus is to bring the foodies in my studio.” The focus of her studio is not just to “learn the techniques of cooking in a professional setting but also to know the ingredients that go into the food.”

Wellness is also a key ingredient at these culinary studios. At Khanna’s Sttudio 292, there are Kitchen Gardening Workshops and Nutritional talks on how to eat right. Khanna also invites doctors and nutritionists to deliver Wellness talks at her studio.’


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