Kebab & Biryani

Chef Vipul Gupta, Senior Sous Chef Welcomhotel Sheraton, is the Dehlavi Cuisine custodian at the Hotel. He will guide us how to make our own mouth watering Kebabs and Biryanis in the traditional way. Learn from him the art of marination to get succulent Kebabs every time and the authentic flavour of Biryani of a bygone era.

1. Sabz Seekh Kebab ~ V
A combination of fresh seasonal vegetables, raw banana and cottage cheese , coated on a skewer, finished on the stove

2. Tulsi Murgh Tikka ~ NV
 Morsels of chicken marinated with fresh basil, native spices and mint sauce, finished in an oven

3. Bharwan Mirch ki biryani ~ V
Feta stuffed jalapenos and rice combination, slow cooked

4. Sarai ki Gosht Biryani ~ NV
Old Delhi style spicy succulent lamb and basmati rice combination, slow cooked

A sampling lunch will be offered at the end of the Workshop.

Rs.2000/- per person.

Interactive Demo. Limited seats. Prior payment is necessary to reserve your place for the Workshop.

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