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March 2014

Dear Friends,

I have received many calls, mails and reminders for the Workshops to be held in March. It feels really good that you all look forward to my Mailers and Workshops. Thank you for appreciating my creative meanderings and please bear with me for not putting up the March Calendar yet.

The reason for this is the ‘once in my lifetime occasion of turning 50’, the great Five-O. So got busy in celebrating the great event and the celebrations have taken longer than I imagined. Mentally I’m still in that space of celebrating.

I’m using this ‘Off’ time to come up with more interesting ideas for Workshops, Talks and Presentations in the realm of Culinary, Art and Wellness. The group showing an interest in Sttudio 292 has grown and I’m sure has many talented members. I would welcome their input and participation in the activities held at Sttudio 292. Everyone has some latent talent and if you want to share that with people of similar interests who attend the Workshops at Sttudio 292, you are welcome.

Warm regards,

Shivani Khanna

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