“Sttudio 292 is my favorite place to be inspired, to learn, to spend good times and have delicious food. I am totally blessed to have met such wonderful people at the three Kitchen Garden workshops I attended. Hosted by Shivani Khanna and Mala they are a delight. The workshops are very informational and professionally done, but with the warmth of a neighborhood class. I came back after every workshop, laden with heaps of pots and plants. And if in my naiveity I killed off my terrarium, Shivani and Mala invited me to bring it over for the much needed doctoring — since it was dead beyond repair, I was so generously allowed to make it again with their supplies at no charge.

Thank you Shivani and Mala, you are such open, joyful, beautiful and utterly generous souls in making me feel welcome, sharing freely all that you know and feeding me to the hilt with your delicious spreads. It seems like Christmas every time ;).

Blessed to be a part of Sttudio 292.”
Vani Kurup


“Vanya had a memorable experience with you at the Christmas Goodies Workshop. I am amazed at your ability to craft a `cooking class’ just right to inspire a nine year old’s imagination… bright colours, tempting smells, delightful tasting sessions… all made special by the personalised attention you so evidently gave each child. Look forward to more excitement!”

Mrs.Chitralekha Dhamija

 ” I am a big fan of all the classes and the workshops you are doing. Whether its for us or the kids, I find that you are such a warm and friendly person, and it doesn’t feel like a class but more of an experience. And some of your themes are really helpful, and offbeat. Like I don’t know where I could learn to pot terraniums, or just make things with Oranges and Lemons 🙂

I look forward to attending more such ‘experiences’ at your lovely Sttudio 292.”

Mrs.Pallavi Mathur Lal

“My daughters Rishikha & Suhanna attented your ‘My First Garden’ Workshop and they couldn’t stop talking about how much they enjoyed it and how nice you were to them.
I loved chatting up with you too. Keep up the good work.”

Mrs.Shalini Shetty

“Sttudio 292 is a great idea and a good platform to learn culinary skills and see a well curated art collection under one roof.”

Mrs.Roopa Kukar, Artist

“Brilliant idea!! I am so excited and looking forward to some interactive cooking sessions at Sttudio 292. It can be a very interesting platform for the cooking enthusiasts who are just starting out, a place where you can find food for the soul and make some new friends too. ”
Mrs.Ila Vaish

“Extremely Innovative! Looking forward to participating in the events.”
Mrs.Neeru Sahni, Professional Baker

“My visit was a very interesting experience, infrastructure for training on cuisine well appointed and designed . All the participants will be able to visually follow the chefs preparation extremely well .
The art galley is very spacious plenty to choose from, I highly recommend Sttudio 292 to everybody .
Best wishes on this new and exciting venture.”
Mrs.Vandana Keswani, Consultant

“If you are an Art lover & also have an appetite to learn great dishes then no
better place than studio 292. Its owner, Shivani Khanna, has put together this unique concept beautifully. The art works on the walls are a blend of senior & upcoming artists which is a treat for the eye.
A must visit place for all age groups.”
Gugna Verma, Art Collector

“Sttudio 292 is a culinary destination where you can learn different types of cruisines and at the same time interact with and learn from like minded people. It encompasses tasty food, fine art and informative sessions on wellness.”
Dr.Mukta Kapila, Senior Gynaecologist, Fortis

“It’s a unique concept, combining art, gastronomy and wellness. Complete rejuvenation. Wish you success in your endeavour.”
Mrs.Anita Seth, Image Consultant

“Sttudio 292 is located in an airy, sunlit apartment, laid out in an easy uncluttered manner. I found the paintings arresting and interesting. And of course the cordiality and warmth of the proprietress, Shivani Khanna, will ensure I visit Sttudio 292 once again! Thank you for a lovely afternoon there.
Mrs.Divya Prasad

“A very good display of art by new artists. What ever projects you have in mind, I do hope they get a good response. Wishing you all the best.
Mrs.Latita Khanna

“We are impressed, amazed and respect your initiativeon opening Sttudio 292. Most relevant it supports the future of providing opportunity to build relationships. We ladies can really use your facilities for real bonding sessions. And why should we not get our partners for a special session at Sttudio 292.
Mrs.Arti Sethi

“It was an enchanting sunday afternoon one spent there.The serene ambiance of the apartment relaxed ones senses, as did the owner Shivani Khanna, with her warm & friendly nature.Her willingness to help in every way possible & in the the most earnest fashion. This is a truly going to be a secret hideout for many.A home away from home!! Where breathtaking art with renowned artist’s at reasonable prices are a great attraction, besides ofcourse culinary classes taught by professionals leave little scope for trial and error.
The multi faceted Sttudio provides an all rounder friend n support to Women. From gynea to nutrition to health to the lighter side of tarot ,palmistry it’s all there under one roof. I congratulate Shivani on her multifaceted endevour and wish her the very best. When sincerity is the policy then success is not far behind.
Best wishes.”
Mrs.Sabina Kapoor

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